Award Winning Interior Design

La Decorista is an interior design studio in Istanbul that has a team of solid professionals, with extensive technical knowledge in interior architecture. We are able to respond to your most demanding needs and concerns, in the rehabilitation and decoration of your home, office or store.


At La Decorista, we think that design is not just aesthetic. We use it to find solutions with which we get the best results to make your home more habitable or your business more competitive. Aesthetics and design do not have to be related to a high price and something expensive. As professionals we adapt to the economy of each client.

From our company  the design of each project must be designed according to each user, since each one has its needs and requirements. We offer professional interior architecture solutions for all types of spaces: from small studios to large offices, through homes and stores of all sizes.

La Decorista makes each interior project a unique experience, we specialize in “turnkey” projects, so you will forget all the problems of the work and you can enjoy your home, local or office as soon as possible.

In La Decorista we are specialists in carrying out interior projects, renovations and decorations in Istanbul, whether for a home, store or office. Contact us and discover how we can help you improve the interior design of any space you want.

Our Team


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